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How did "Pamela Peaks Speaks" get started?

I met my partner Randy DeTroit on a set and told him I wanted to start a tv show that was fun & positive & interesting about porn. He came up with the cooking show "Pamela Peaks In The Kitchen?!" (see I told him I really wanted to do an interview show, that I'd be a natural for that. He said there were too many of those. I told him I would be different. I felt like alot of the interviewers of porn stars didn't really know alot about the actors they were interviewing (or about porn in general at all) hence making boring interviews or they were mean to the porn stars (which isn't fun or interesting to watch at all).  I myself was a crazy porn fanatic before I started doing porn myself so I will always be that geeky porn fan even though I'm a porn star myself.  We filmed our first show at the X-Con convention (with Kylie Ireland, Randi Wright, & Nina Hartley) and it just grew from there. The actors really like that I know alot about them & really love this industry, I really make them feel comfortable. We've now filmed about 80 episodes and it's a total blast and everyone has a great time coming on. I do all the famous adult conventions, award shows & parties (I do mainstream parties also): AEE Expo (fka AVN Expo); Erotica-LA; XRCO Awards; Foxe Awards; Adultcon; + others. My fans enjoy that I don't discriminate and that I put all types of people on my shows: straight, gay, transsexuals. I just interviewed Alexis Arquette (ts) at a party, she was totally cool (she approached me) and said she enjoyed my shows alot.  I help the stars promote their products, talk about their latest movie, or they tell us about the magazine they were just featured in, or their new production company/website they just started!  I don't outright make fun of people so my show is different than other media shows, I like to support.  We do get crazy & naked & you really get to see what goes on during these adult events--we are very wild uninhibited people!  So now we are making the shows available to the public! We sell the shows on dvd & each cast is listed for each show. 


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"Pamela Peaks Speaks":


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